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Medical Discoveries - Infographic
[Via: Carrington College's Online Health Care Administration Program]


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Renewable Energy - Infographic [Via: Carrington College's Renewable Energy Degree Program]


Elena Kagan separated at birth?


If you’re looking for inexpensive tools for your home office you may be interested in some of these virtual tools.
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If you have ever designed a website one thing is for certain, YOU HATE IE6. It usually takes more time to make a website IE6 compliant then it does to design the site itself.

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Well, it looks like the guys over at Microsoft ignored their own browser when it came to design. As you can see the new “Bing” search is hovering over the main navigation. Mom’s around the world are freaking out because they can’t click on their Hotmail.

Ie 6


Ie 8


MSN – screw up gallery


A few of my friends and I have started a puppy off. We are putting our dogs on and the one with the highest score wins. We haven’t set a final date yet but when we do I will be the winner. Please go to the site and vote for Macy (A high score would be nice).

Below are the links to all the dogs in the new Puppy-off. Please vote for each of the puppies.

Tyson: Jonathan Heinl’s Boxer Puppy

Bailey: Chris Hooley’s half maltese half poodle Puppy

Macy: Jeff Dempsey’s Labrador Puppy

Levi: Our Friend Lauren’s Australian Sheep Dog Puppy

Biggie-Smalls: Our Friend Jessica’s Pointer Lab mix Puppy

The Puppy-off is running till the end of June 2009. If you have a pup and would like to join in on the fun, please e-mail in a picture of your puppy to Please feel free to comment here with your URL once you’ve submitted and received and I will list it above.


Changing the Google language setting is a quick and easy last minute prank.


Time (low) – takes little to no time changing your vitcim’s Google language settings.
Cost (low) – no cost at all.
Risk (low) – you’re really not risking anything except messing up your coworker’s Google page, but it’s easy to reverse so you should be fine.

When your coworker leave’s their computer for a moment, hop onto it and head to the Google search page.
Click on the “preferences” link next to the Google search box.
Change the interface language at the top to something fun (such as Elmer Fudd or Hacker)

When your coworker gets back to their desk, the next time they pull up a Google search they will be greeted with the results of your prank. Depending on the language you set, the effect will range from obvious and over-the-top to subtle and perhaps not even noticeable for awhile.

Keep in mind that this only changes the Google interface language, not the actual search results. This may lead them to believe that it’s Google pulling the prank, thus making them think they have to deal with it for awhile.

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