I need a Keg-erator on my wedding registry

I am getting married in less than a year. My wife to be, refuses to allow a keg-erator on our wedding registry. I wouldn’t allow this to die so I presented her with a more diplomatic approach. What if I get 500 signatures stating that it is a good idea. She agreed.

So this is where you come in. I need 500 signatures (Comments) on this post. If I can achieve this amount I will get to keg-erator on the list and possibly fresh keg beer every day for the rest of my life. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT in favor of a keg-erator

Prankster Testimonial

Every day i get a few messages from readers of the site who are using my meebo chat feature (bottom right). Today I got a great one from a user calling him self Mike Foley (MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER).

[11:22] Mike Foley: Absolutely loved the computer tourettes prank . My roommate is just losing it right now because I set the timer down to 1-5 seconds

The Top Computer April Fools Day Pranks

I have been writing computer pranks and office pranks for over a year now. In honor of April Fools day I have compiled the list of the best computer pranks on Iambetterthanu.com

Bad April Fools Jokes That Can Get You Fired, Killed Or Worse

The key with any prank is knowing how far to push. There is a certain point that a prank becomes less of a prank and more of an attack. This can vary depending on who you are pranking but these pranks are sure to cross the line with almost any one.



The Computer Is Talking To Me

Ever feel like people are watching you? Keeping track of your every move on the internet? Well they probably are so stop watching porn. This next prank plays on that fear. It is a simple batch file that when clicked on will Send messages to your friend as if some one was talking to them. It will make them think some one has actually stolen files of their computer. At the end it restarts their computer and no harm done. Just a good scare!

Download Computer Prank

Live on Tv

When you are in your cubicle it’s easy to get the feeling you are safe. After all you have 6 feet high walls, and if you’re anything like me you hide your screen from casual observers. This next prank I got off youtube. It looks like a some crazy Brits thought of a simple office prank that could be devastating. (more…)

The Worst Prank Ever | Web Reactions

I recently thought of the worst prank ever, its not funny and not even good but it gets great reactions. What if some one stole your baby, thinking it would be funny? You’d kill them right, well I would. But I thought lets ask people this question and see their response. The whole time I act as if I’m 100% serious. I dont know what is more scary, the idea of the prank or the fact that none of my friends called shenanigans on me.

Piss Prank

Tips for creating good office pranks

I have several office pranks on my website but no of them are any good if you don’t know how to use them. In the art of pranking there are countless ways the prank can go wrong and only one way it can go right. When doing a prank follow this helpful list to avoid all the mistakes I’ve made.

Remember these are office pranks, not pranking your buddies and not pranking your family. There are certain rules you should adhere to, so you don’t lose your job or worse.

Flip ‘em The Bird

Sometimes computer pranks are meant to be funny other times they are designed to send a message. This office prank can do a little of both. Every once and awhile you just want give your co worker the bird… the proverbial fuck you. This prank gives you a grander stage in which to flip your friend , co-worker or enemy off. Follow these steps and you can turn word into a big giant Fuck You.

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